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About Me

My name is Conroy Allen Known as Jamaican Spiderman or Deeosis Born 17 December 1997 In Port Antonio Jamaica. I am a Entertainer in the fields of Dance, gymnastics, breakdancing, acting and promotion. I also do graphic designing(Cartoon version of people) I've been on stage shows and tv ads also met celebrities featuring in their music videos was hired as talent in (James Bond )007 No time to die movie and Netflix documentary (move)​. Model for Arsenal x Adidas new Jamaica kit. I also did a lot of comedy video, memes, artists (music) promotions, Photoshop in my free time also very active on social media @deeosis (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, firework, Snapchat). See google website here.

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My Story

Conroy D Allen, also known as "Deeosis" or "Jamaican Spiderman", was Born on December 17,1997, is a Jamaican break dancer, dancer, actor and acrobat who was involved in track and field, cheerleading, visual arts and music from a young age.

Having a change in interest, he has dedicated his life in recent years to becoming a star dancer, actor and future entrepreneur who will be well known worldwide, despite the continuous negative and discouraging comments from peers in his community.

"I remember, as a child, Conroy would make these amazing buildings, towns and cars from Legos and Cardboard boxes," says Aliyah, a childhood friend of Conroy. "He wouldn't use any instructions... just his own imagination. He's always been creative like that."

Allen did not initially take great interest in breakdancing, his main art form today. He graduated from high school with 6 subjects, and awarded for top student in technical drawing. However, he didn't end his educational endeavors' there; he went straight into the Heart trust NTA ,on the job training program at the SDC in Portland for further education in Business Administration, eventually earning a certificate and diploma in a year long course.

He has faced, and continues to face challenges such as asthma, repetitive migraines, iron deficiency anemia, and intense back aches caused by scoliosis. The scoliosis is actually a part of how he got the name "Deeosis": "Dee" as a variation of "the", and "Osis" because of his scoliosis.

"Friends used to call me scoli, because of the way I stand with one shoulder slightly lower than the other," Allen revealed. He also claimed that the name "Deeosis" is unique, and therefore, will always lead back to him when searched for.

Instagram friend introduced him to the elite Silver Bird Steel Orchestra band, which he worked as a musician, dancer and acrobat gaining experience in the hotel industry and entertainment performing at schools, functions, weddings and at some of Jamaica's finest hotels such as, Sandals, Hilton, Moon palace, Hyatt. However, things with Silver Bird weren't always that smooth. Allen reports that around that time, he got to know some acquaintances, who would mock him because of his "stiffness", which is in reference to his back. His back isn't as flexible as that of some other break dancers, because of his scoliosis, and because of this, Allen found himself being put down, and made to feel mediocre.

Despite this, he's still found success both on Instagram, and in relation to work. He then bought a Spiderman costume which gained a lot of attention. This is where the name "Jamaican Spiderman" was born. It was after the revelation of this new alter ego, that Allen was selected to be a part of the James Bond movie-No time to die (Bond 25) after which he stopped working for the band in mid 2019. Since then he performed alongside female dancehall artist Shauna Controlla for Sumfest 2019. After Silverbirds, Allen started to work along with talent agencies such as, ZarabelleKBC Talent & Raw management agency where he was featured in multiple Television commercials and music videos.

Allen does, however, spend his leisure time doing things other than dancing. He has taken to draw cartoons of people, and acting in several skits for fun. He started these skits on, and continues them on Tik Tok to this day.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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